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Institution of education “Ivie state professional agricultural lyceum”

«Ivie state technical training college of an agricultural production» has been formed in 1979. The college has been renamed into “Ivie state professional agricultural lyceum” in 2007.

The engineering-pedagogical staff:

Our address: 231337 Ivie, Molodyozhnayastreet, 4

There is in lyceum a good material base. There are 9 cabinets for general educational subjects, 2 computer classes, one of which is equipped by new modern computers, 13 laboratories and workshops. There is a rich car-traktor park.

On the base of high school the lyceum prepares during 10 months on following specialities: «Mechanic-repairman, driver of a category C», «Traktor-driver, driver of a category C».

On the basis of base school the lyceum prepares with receiving of secondary education during 2 years and 10 months on following specialities:

  1. «Engineer of refrigerating installation, electrical engineer, driver of a category С».
  2. «Traktor-driver, driver of a category C».
  3. «Cook».

There is in lyceum the dining room with 100 places, 2 hostels with 200 places, a library with a reading room, a sport hall, a stadium, an assembly hall.

For development of creative abilities of pupils there are in lyceum 5 sportsektions, 12 circles: the circle of technical creativity, a computer circle…

Пред.УО «Ивьевский ГСПЛ»След.

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